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Seventeen is a South Korean Boy group formed from Pledis Entertainment in 2015. Even though the name of the boy group is Seventeen, there are only thirteen members. The reason of the name Seventeen is there are thirteen members, three sub-units and they are all one team, which adds up to seventeen. The three different sub-units they are separated into are the different areas that they specialize in. There is the 'hip hop unit, 'performance team unit' and the 'vocal team unit'.

The members of Seventeen are so involved in the composition and productions of their music and choreography that they have become known as the 'Self Producing Idol Group'. The song writer for Seventeen is Lee Jihoon, or Woozi. The dance choreographer in the group is Kwon Soonyoung, or Hoshi.

Seventeens group 'symbol' is 17 in the shape of a diamond. The groups self proclaimed colours are Rose Quartz and Serenity, as shown on the symbol below.

The members of Seventeen are:

S. Coups:
   S.Coups' full name is Choi Sungcheol(에스.쿱스), age 21. He is the group leader, main rapper and the hip hop team leader.

    Jeonghan's full name is Yoon Jung Han(윤정한), age 21. Jeonghan is in the vocal team unit. Jeonghan is called the angel of the group because of how kind he is and because of his birth date, October 4th. 1004 in Korean is Cheonsa(천사), which means angel.

     Joshua's full name is Hong Jisoo(조슈아), age 21. Joshua is in the vocal team sub-unit. Joshua is a Christian that was born and raised in L.A, California. He is fluent in English, but has a difficult time reading and writing in Korean.
   Jun's full name is Wen Junhui(준), Jun is one of the two Chinese members in Seventeen. He is 20 years old and is part of the performance team.
    Hoshi's full name is Kwon Soonyoung(호시), he is 20 years old and is the performance team leader.
     Wonwoo' full name is Jeon Wonwoo(원우), he is 20 years old and is a part of the hip hop team.
    Woozi's full name is Lee Jihoon or Jihun (우지), he is 20 years old and is a part of the vocal team. Personally Woozi is my favourite because of how talented and amazing he is. Woozi is the songwriter of Seventeen. Woozi is the shortest of the group at 5 feet 5 inches.
    Dk's full name is Lee Seokmin(도겸), he is 21 years old an is a part of the vocal team.
     Mingyu's full name is Kim Mingyu(민규), he is 19 years old and is a part of the hip-hop team. He is the tallest of the group, standing at 6 feet 1 inch.
   The8's real name is Xu Minghao(디에잇), he is 19 years old and is the second Chinese member of Seventeen. He is a part of the performance team.
    Seungkwan's full name is Boo Seungkwan(승관), he is 19 years old and is a part of the vocal team. Boo is an absolute diva and has an amazing voice and is amazing at harmonizing.
    Vernon's full name is Hansol Vernon Chwe or Choi(버논). Hansol is 19 years old and is a part of the hip-hop team. Vernon is half Korean and was born in New York and moved to Korea at age 5. He knows English, but still struggles a little bit with it.
    Dino's full name is Lee JungChan(이정찬). He is 18 years old and is the maknae of the group, or the youngest. He is a part of the performance team.
Some of the my favourite songs by Seventeen are:
  • Adore u- From SEVENTEEN 1st Mini Album '17 CARAT'
  • Mansae- From SEVENTEEN 2nd Mini Album 'Boys Be'
  • Jam Jam-From SEVENTEEN 1st Mini Album '17 CARAT'
  • VERY NICE-From Love&Letter repackage album
  • Don't listen in secret-From Seventeen 3rd Mini Album 'Going Seventeen'
  • Q&A-From SEVENTEEN, Ailee 
  • SIMPLE-From Love&Letter repackage album
  • Say Yes-From FIRST 'LOVE&LETTER'

Seventeens Official Website is:

Friday, February 3, 2017

First, what is kpop?

Kpop is an abbreviation for Korean pop. It is a musical genre that consists of electronic, hip hop, pop, rock, R&B and rap music that originates from south Korea.

There is a pretty large amount of different girl and boy kpop groups that have grown through out the years.
Some of these kpop groups are Seventeen, BTS, Red Velvet, and EXID.

The record companies that most Korean pop bands are formed from are Big Hit Entertainment, Pledis Entertainment, SM Entertainment, YG entertainment, JYP Entertainment, FNC Entertainment and Starship Entertainment.

Seoul, South Korea is the home of Kpop